Beaded vs speed vs heavy

Choose Your Jump Rope

The Chase Speed Rope (PVC)

Best for: General cardio fitness, boxers, all levels, speed, footwork, and double-unders.

Why it’s good: This rope is a good choice if you’re on a budget or new to skipping. It’s affordable and has a 4mm PVC cable that gives you a good workout. It’s great for cardio and basic tricks. PVC ropes are faster than beaded ones, so they’re good for speed, footwork, and double unders. You can take it with you easily for workouts on the go. It’s durable for rough surfaces, and the handles won’t break. The PVC cord doesn’t tangle.

Bonus: You can use it with a heavy rope for interval training.

Who should get it: People who want quick workouts to boost agility and speed.

How it works: This speed rope is perfect for fast exercises that make you fitter and faster.

Product: Chase Speed Rope

Chase Beaded Jump Rope

Best for: Beginners who want to learn tricks, proper form, and love outdoor jumping.

Why it’s good: This is a top pick for us and experts agree. It’s awesome for learning how to jump rope correctly and do cool tricks. It’ll last you a long time, even as you get better.

Bonus: The beads give you good feedback with their weight and air resistance. They don’t tangle, and they’re tough enough for outdoor use. The long handles help you do the moves right and keep your hands in the right place. The handles won’t break, and the beads keep their shape.

Who should get it: People new to jump rope who want fast workouts and love doing tricks.

How it works: This beaded rope is great for both getting fit and doing fun tricks.

Product: Chase Beaded Rope


Chase Heavy Rope Jump Rope

Best for: Those who want a challenging workout with added resistance.

Why it’s good: If you want to amp up your workout by adding weight. It’s great for building strength and endurance, and it’s suitable for all levels. Because of the feedback it provides, its perfect for beginners to start learning jump rope.

Bonus: The added weight makes your workout tougher, and it’s good for outdoor use. The handles are super durable. This rope is 10mm thick and is built to last.

Who should get it: People looking for a more intense workout and want to get stronger.

How it works: This weighted rope is excellent for both cardio and building muscle.

Product: Chase Heavy Rope

Types of Jump Ropes

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